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My Windows 7 Print Spooler Service Keeps Crashing Every Time - Solved

If your Windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping, you are not alone; however, there is a reliable fix to this annoying problem, one is try re-installing all printer drivers.

When your Windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping, the actual culprit is usually a defective print driver, which could have been corrupted by a malware or regular Windows update. It is not possible to pinpoint this driver, and therefore you need to delete all print drivers and again download the latest ones from the website of the manufacturer. However removing print drivers is not as easy as it sounds and here are precise steps for Windows 7 print spooler repair.

Before starting on the fix, make sure, you have unplugged all your printers. Now go to the printer drivers’ folder. You will need to navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS\. Create a new folder called Old Drivers, and copy all the driver files into this new folder. This is to make sure; you still have all the old files if anything goes wrong. Delete all the files in the original folder.

Now, click on Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device and Printers. Individually delete all printers, by right clicking them and selecting Remove Device.

Go to Run dialog box and type “printui /s/ t2″ without the quotes. This will bring up a set of printers, and you need to delete the ones you had deleted through Control Panel.

Now your computer should be restarted, to keep the print spooler running. Go to the website of the manufacture of your printer and download latest printer drivers. After installing these drivers, again plug in your printers. Your printers should now run without any hitch.

If the problem is not with the driver then you might have to try a different approach. There are few workarounds listed below that you may try repairing the windows 7 print spooler crashing issue permanently.

“Have You Noticed Following Unusual Behavior in your “Printers & Faxes” Window?”

1. Logical printers may appear with a yellow triangular exclamation mark.

Windows 7 Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

2. When you refresh the printer for the first time, exclamation goes away and when refresh again it is appears back. (This is due to windows 7 print spooler keeps crashing in the service manager)


Windows Print Spooler Repair Steps


Go to print management in administrative tools.  Go to “Administrative tools” in Control Panel and then to “Print Management”.  Check under drivers and remove all duplicate drivers.  If you are unable to remove a driver check to see that no print jobs are waiting to execute and remove them. Restart the spooler service under Services.

duplicate printer driver rempval


Flush & Fix Print Spooler Errors Go to start and in the search field type “cmd” then right click on the “cmd” application and select run as an administrator (Only for Windows Vista & 7) Windows XP users needs to run this with a whichever admin rights enable account only.










Execute the following commands in the command prompt

Type “net stop spooler” command(without quotes) and press enter

Then type “del /q /f /s %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*” command and press enter

Finally type “net start spooler” command and press enter in order to restart the windows7 spooler service. (Refer Below Screenshot)



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